Golden Rainbow Villages



Nicolas Radcliffe
Jasmine Lovelstzy
Tränkebachstrasse 55
8712 Stäfa
+41 76 680 650 00 (WhatsApp)

100% of the royalty goes to ABC for Life, a registered Non-Profit Organization, that supports children’s education in Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa

Cornelle du Plessis

P.O. Box 650726
Benmore 2010
South Africa

lets join hands together The Golden Rainbow name evolved with the intention to cocreate non-duality vehicles that are leaderless and free of charge for all people who feel their collective purpose and vision is to assist the humanity to move forward

Golden-Rainbow Villages

May the force of pure love essence be with every breath we take

 flag design by jasmine lovelstzy
illustration by kris barz 

The idea of The Golden Rainbow Villages book came from the collective Vision that was collaborated by people of all ages from all over the world who shared how they felt they could change the world and make it a better place for everyone

SONG: Ready to Host the World by Ed Jordan & Neil Andrews

Ready To Host The World

(written by Ed Jordan & Neil Andrews)

Every child deserves to live their dream
i’ve got the heart to be a part
of a winning team
i might make it on my own
But i don’t want to be alone
So let’s join hands together
We’ll stay children forever
And make this world a better
place to be

Mama Mama Weh
Welcome to Africa

We’re ready to host the whole world
on our own
We’re ready to host the whole world
and open up our homes
To people like you and me
Young, Wild and Free
People like you and me
Part of one big family

Mama Mama Weh
Welcome to Africa

Every child deserves to find a friend
To stand besides, to stand with pride
to the very end
As we walk along life’s road
Let’s share each other’s load
Because we’re stronger together
Sister’s and brother’s forever
Let’s make our world a better
place to be

Every child deserves to sing a song
To shout out loud, above the crowd
so why don’t you sing along
For the future and fame
Of the world’s most beautiful game
Our time has only just begun
Let’s stay forever young
And make this world a better place to be