The Golden-Rainbow name was
collectively created as a non-duality tool in a BOOK, CD, DVD and GAME
series format to
hold, expend and manifest all the aspects of The New Paradigm Vision,
and as a reality of the worldwide gatherings that are FREE of charge and

It is a vehicle where all the
people on earth, who feel they have an urge to change the world and
activate the new paradigm, are able to physically meet and facilitate
each other by honoring a complete individual freedom and autonomy to
create the works each one came here to create and make this world a
better place for all.

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This is evolving into an all out, divinely inspired assault on waking conciousness. With an atmosphere of it’s own, this project seeks to capture even the most atrophied soul into a pulsating dance of mythical rapture. I see nothing bright in the sky; this chemical laced sphere resonates with the vibe of pain. I see nothing below the surface of the lies which comprise our lives, and I perceive a vast emptiness in the eyes of passer-bys. Walk, don’t run towards the inevitable; maybe then we’ll buy some time. Time, another poison in our minds, is a tool to the wise and a leper to the clever. Sever your ties to the heavy guise, hanging like a veil over our eyes, so that we may fly so high that we see no sky, only vibe. My music an invitation to that other side beyond mind where ego’s die on the death-bed of a future denied. I will show you the darkness that you may realize the light. Join me on this flight through the unholy twilight. Join me on this ride. Join me to die.

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Hey everyone, we are here in South Africa, chatting how to create a better website that can have a forum for community posting and an event page. Let us know if you have any suggestions.
6 days ago

hi everyone we are here its May 6, 2013 our first re-union here on the live chat room let us know if anyone else comes in much L0VE 🙂 ~ guest153 6 days ago

12-12-09 final call for DVD and CD contribution ^.^


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Posted on Aug 26th, 2006 by ~C4Chaos
(Crossposted on Eat your heart out Madonna! Paris Hilton is in the house!

Can’t wait ’till we have a Ken Wilber @ YouTube channel. WOOT! XXooxxOOXXXXXOOOO….

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about 6 hours later
~princess~ said

~ yepeeeeeeeee *; ;* ~

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about 11 hours later
~C4Chaos said

huh?! what happened to ~Princess~? 🙂

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about 12 hours later
Monica said

I think I am going to be sick. Thanks for the nightmares tonight C4..

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about 16 hours later
~C4Chaos said

hehe. misery loves company 🙂

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about 16 hours later
~princess~ said

~ wat r u guys talking about… i loooooove Stars r Blind song…. and the video…. its wats the word….. superb… & i loooove Paris…. she rocks!!!!! ~

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about 17 hours later
X said

Paris hits my lower chakras (OK not much), Ken hits my uppers. Paris is to mime as Ken is to meme. How can one compare an orange with a ? From nothing to everything!

Try this – Paris or Ken?

Thankz C4

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1 day later
~C4Chaos said

but even Paris is still no match for ~Matthew.

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1 day later
Monica said

Interesting reactions from viewers on the KW @You Tube….”Who is this guy and why is he talking about all theses colors?”, My favorite ” You all are on crack!” Pretty strange for those not familar with his work I suppose….but even stranger that more people understand Paris HIlton.

Princess: you go girl!!! Stand your ground 🙂

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2 days later
~princess~ said

~ wow Monica… thats the best thing someone told me….. for real…. love u…. and i say this to u and everyone else also…. as its really about each one of us having our own choices or views on what entertains us or its valuable to us at this moment and what isn’t……. as what u said above : but even stranger that more people understand Paris HIlton. and i say exactly the same thing for Ken Wilber… as i find his writings extremly boring and can’t hold attantion to read one sentence of his… but i know most of u guys like his writings and thats all cool… not making u right or wrong for liking KW nor making me right or wrong for liking Paris Hilton… just what it is… so i say:

Monica ~princess~


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2 days later
~C4Chaos said

“and i say exactly the same thing for Ken Wilber… as i find his writings extremly boring and can’t hold attantion to read one sentence of his…”

that’s blasphemy! 🙂

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3 days later
~princess~ said

~ hey ~C4….

what blasphemy….. i say the same thing for the first 38 seconds of PH video where she taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalks….. its like sooooooooooooo boring like in BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING….. i just move forward and listen to music only….. as i m a broadway show entertainment kind of person…. and if not music then to hold my attantion i need some fun and high energy and dynamic speakers like TR….

but u got me interested now in those colours from that video…. couldn’t find any info on the spiral dynamics link u provided on your blog….. but that little i got is i guess in my case KW and i r different colours… so we would need to get that bridge going…. so if u have a link i can look something simple with possibly some fotos or a diagram and little reading i would be greatful….. love uuuuu…


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4 days later
~C4Chaos said

“Paris Hilton — heiress, nightlife enthusiast and rookie recording artist — has a new job: Internet advertising guinea pig.” (via NYTIMES)

um, yeah.