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hey…  don’t get mad all at once…

i know its another quiz…

but listen….

it’s the MOST IMPORTANT ONE EVER, in the entire history of HUMAN RACE….

so u got to read carefully line by line and all the way till the end of time*******




take a breath and the first step is to see whether u have more Indigo or more Crystal Characteristics

so GO…

read them…

the rest of the instructions follow…

heeyyyy… thanks for making it to this line *; ;*

but before u rush to post your comment got to read the rest…

ok.. now this is the thing….

u have to know something about me and that is that i personally care less about indigo or violet or crystal or what ever other names are out there…

what i do care about is changing this twisted and boring planet for REAL…

and i can’t do it alone…

so what i want to do is to team up with you a big time IF:

1. You are CRAZY enough to think You can change the world.

2. Courageous enough to do something about it.

3. Committed enough to stick to it when You feel like giving up (via Zaadz’s Plan)

4. Self-motivated and have your own clear vision and set of goals on where your place is in this world when it comes to contributing to the change

5. The word Impossible IS NOT in your dictionary, and you are ready to team up with me via LsTzy gang, the Vision gang or via co-creating a new one from scratch

now instructions you’ve been waiting for on how to post your comments in 3 easy steps are here

1. write if you are INDIGO or CRYSTAL (if u want to change the world that counts as Indigo)***

2. type YES if

a) you either want to team up with me if u say yes to all 5 points listed above*****

b) or you feel in your heart you can trust me that i know what i am doing when it comes to

changing this world so you want to support me and ~Z Indigo Generation, which implies

that you understand that trust is always both ways, so in this case i am trusting you that

if you say yes i can count on you to support and hold this space of YES…

so at the end it’s really about trusting your own self

(then u don’t need to worry about 1, 2a or 3… just type YES in the comment)

3. add a link where we can all read your visions and specific goals on changing the world

***(hey.. i know indigo & crystal words are nothing but the labels and do not define us… but just play along… ok)

*****saying yes just because u have a crush on me is not gonna do it… even though i know its hard to resist me as i m the most adorable princess in the entire kosmos…  scoozy…  flattering, but not enough… all 5…. ok

*****no, of course there is no such a thing as the end of time… only one of the countless illusions that keep the humanity to quantum leap in it’s evolution

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5 minutes later
~princess~ said

Indigo, Crystal, +
LsTzy gang, Vision gang , Goals

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42 minutes later
Joy said

Crystal + Indigo = YES : )

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about 3 hours later
**** said

Crystal & Indigo: YES!!!!

about 12 hours later
thunderbeing said

Yes… I seem to be a crystaline indigo with a bit of red (my blood-shot eyes –  having stared at this computer screen too long)

about 14 hours later
paul said

neither crystal or indigo-rainbow -so both and more besides

about 24 hours later
nwdragonfly said

I am an Indigo- I have a warrior attitude. Sensitive yet I kick ass.- very honest- possibly blunt. Trying to break things up- to change habits – ways that people are stuck.
I do not like most traditions- I AM not religios- I am tolerant I can see in peoples hearts yet some things I can not put up with (the BS)
Crystals seem very delicate- I see that in my daughter Krystell. She has Indigo qualities as well. My daughter Harrmony seems very Indigo. I can think of several kids who seem like crystals.
Soon the Indigos will rule the world!:) (they are grown or are growing up)

2 days later
T.K said

oh yeah I forgot to remember…….

3 days later
Peace=One said

I am more indigo than crystal though I am here with the children to change this world into a puddle of conscious love. Any system or relationship that has forgotten this is destined to ascend! That’s the great news.  I am the change.
Parents can watch and learn!
Honestly I am the greatest gift sent to this planet and the best thing about this is meeting others who know they are too!

5 days later
Vince said

From the list I’d be considered indigo, but I think we all possess qualities of both, just one more than the other(s)

6 days later
janet said

mmmm…looks like about a 50/50 split…and that is a yes but no link as yet…in the midst of change, goals, dreams and visions seem to intermingle so will get back to you on all of that

12 days later
Arié said

I’m a bit of both though I feel more indigo in a life-goal oriented sense so YES. You can read about my goals in my profile!

13 days later
Pamela said

Freedom is Yes to both Indigo and Crystal. Yes yes yes and anyway everything is always changing –  the question is who’s steering the boat?  WE are.

19 days later
cate said

lightseeding indigo crystals for you
catemurray..indigo and crystal and hmmm ;o)

19 days later
jaBuddha said

I am; I trust; I observe.  I herald the rise of Indigos and Crystals.  I have watched and waited.  I have done all I know each day and the next day there is ALWAYS more I know and thus must do.  I suppose I am a foreruuner of the Indigo.  Let’s rock this planet with peace!    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, jb

25 days later
Tony said

I would say Indigo and crystal, though Indigo is more natural for me, crystal has come alive since my NDE

28 days later
Franklin said

I am really both Indigo and crystal.  I am an artist (crystal) but believe that art can change the world (indigo). the original art -cave paintings were about how the shamanic vision and the depiction of deeper self can open up new pathways. I have organized art exhibitions for years to allow artists to express ideas of change and new paradigms thru the concept of a group show of images. Exhibitions and creations of monuments,pro peace-antiwar , 9/11 shows, and many others. They were shown here in New York and around the world in various locations. We can change the world thru purposeful action (indigo) and also joy, sensuality and inner work (crystal)

about 1 month later
Shekinah said

Indigo, and yes. a change is a constant process, and if youre not putting your energy into creating a future you truely want to live into, then youre putting your energy into a less inspiring future (ie. more of what we already have; war, judgement, hate, etc…all which boil down to the essence of fear) I am commited to create fear as a distinction, and in this to give all beings the power of creating ANYTHING they want for their lives which is also the world around them. WE are the future, WE are the change. We are also all Buddah’s awakening at our own pace to our supreme power and perfection.
spiritual beings, sharing a human experience

about 1 month later
Audi said

I’ve always loved Indigo blue—and I exhibit many, so many of the qualities.  Then, I read Crystal. One of my characters is named Crystal, and yes, she, like me shares many of these qualities, as well! I comprise both, over many life times, cellular memory shares and remembers…what dreams may come, what more to come, I’m it! My healing abilities come through me from a nother dimension affecting our universe. My anger and temper come through in my art, my writing that will and does heal others and affect drastic, great change in people…hence, the world.

2 months later
eric said

YES! as to the indingo crystal thing, I am that which I am.I would like to help build self sustained communities.However, I am always willing to help just about anyone with just about anything, so feel free to use me. That goes out to everyone . The Kingdom of God is above you, below you, within you and all around you.Peace be with you

2 months later
MsCapriKell said

Very cool!  I would have to say I resonate more closely with Crystal… with a few Indigo traits… 🙂   I should take a picture of my desk at work… you’ll giggle at how many crystals I have around my monitor to protect me!

2 months later
guardianangel said

I am Indigo.

2 months later
guardianangel said

HLA(highest love always)

2 months later
Eileen said

I am “That Which I Am” – a feeling identity given by the Still Small Voice…. although I have to say that I recognize more Crystal qualities in my earthly expression…. magnetic poet-songstress.
2012? How ’bout Now?

3 months later
Foxy said

Yes to all traits, Indigo, Crystal, does it really ,matter?
I want to change the world:
Life should be always played at and never worked at.
How’s that working out for ya?

3 months later
Catfish said

YES YES YES YES YES I’m an indigo coloured crystal.
Always did have a split personality. I have more Crystal chararcteristics, except the burning desire to create a better way of life on the planet, and a bit of a temper when I see injustice and greed. Oh, and I don’t like being told what to do. I like to be asked politely. And then decline politely. 🙂

5 months later
lindsey said

Heeeeeellllll YES!!!   I dont think any one person fits into the catagories entirely, but Ive got ALL the fire and flame to turn all that is ingenuine into ashes- and THEN some.  Sign me on, as a warrioress, with clean flashing sword and deep deep compassion.

6 months later
fluxation said

Yes! Yes to all!
Crytalindigo: a blue stone’s throw
away from finally, yes finally finding some of my tribe.
I thought I’d lost you.
It feels good to be in agreement.
Harmonically aligned…
I feel so validated. I have been told I’m “too angry” or “too opinionated,” but after years of conscious crafting of my delivery, I have been pretty positive about how my anger is expressed: never at a person, or culture. My anger is focused at injustice, particularly at those who feel it necessary to “own” every thing, then deny the hidden costs in their choices. I feel lonely at times in this desert of fear; it seems the courageous are vacationing somewhere else. Or maybe they’re still “in the closet.”
{breaks into extmeporaneous slamming}
But I’m out and here and screaming aloud
… . to pay attention to what you buy
Be aware your choices of consumptive passion
the lives of little ones a global mile away.
A passion for purchasing, especially this time of year,
in attempt to keep the wolf at the door,
afraid to go near
–the threshold,
of the truth.
There’s no denying the toil of the children
who’s sweat stains my shoes,
nor the unseen cancer and radical cells
flying through the lab rats and monkeys,
assuring me of prolonged mortality.
I can’t stop seeing the many traces of my choices–
flying endlessly through this continuum of reality.
Looking for greater value an improved taste.
Where do they halt?
Is it peaceful or another log on the fire
burning with humanity’s shameful waste?
That’s all. Thanks for the wake up blog/pod/beingness and reminder that I am NOT alone.

7 months later
Ryan saidan even 12 and 12, Crystal & Indigo: Oh yes, see you soon, if my dreams are made flesh….7 months later
spiritreborn73 saidyes my daughter is a deffinate indigo, i really don’t know where she got it from though…… cough cough…….. but it is like mother like daughter in this house
as for changing the world… yes yes yes if we don’t who will 🙂 8 months later
Amarado saiddefinitely iNdIgO
YES months later

Resurrected1 saidHmm… I’m a crystalline indigo… I can’t stand people in authority (people who use a title or name instead of real power and responsiblilty). I’m very creative…sing, dance, write, draw…all that.
I’ve always been labeled “argumentative” but only with those wielding their fake power! ha! as if I should respect that!
I loved school! I’m a very disciplined student and great studier and researcher.
I got into a lot of trouble as a youngster for speaking really spiritually profound stuff and always trying to overthrow the powers-that-be!


9 months later
soccermom saidI think I’m both?  is that possible?  I liked the learning part of school but was laways in trouble for talking in line and not doing my homework – didn’t stop me from growing up to be an almost functional grownup.  I work for a boss and can’t stand the anal red-tape-ish vibe he projects.  a bit career limiting but then I never really bought into the idea that corporate strategy had any link to the real world anyway.
I want to learn how to heal – I think I have the right energy but don’t know how to use it.  Probably need to start with myself I think I’ve been damaged by being bumped around too much.


9 months later
coa’st saidI definitely have characteristics of  both.  Thanks for posting this, it was inspiring and fun 🙂 .  May sunshine bloom in each everyones soul.  Blessings, Namaste’.


about 1 year later
l_che saidim jovan all my life i felt people couldnt understand tha way i think n how i wanted to change everthing i seen wrong i always felt way older my age n i thought this way since i can remember…
now i find there is indigo n crystal kids indigo describes me perfectly even about the truth i always been about the truth n the truth is da ultimate answer to everythang at the same time allot of the signs for crystal decribe me too i luv nature animalas colors rocks crystals i feel like im in between im really good with art,drawing,music n always thoguht i could change the world with music or art n i always try to find different ways to try to change the missed up world we i found there is other people like me but they just really hard to find.i always felt like people didnt understand me at all but i still felt an urge to keep trying to helpd them no matter how hard headed they were i think thats my reason to be here to help others understand more about life n i always try to keep following that i belive my reason to be here is greater then just working,using money,having kids these are things i felt we didnt really need AND THEY ARE A WASTE OF MY LIFE I FEEL…
i question everything i was made to belive and still belive on what i always did no matter how many times they said i was wrong or no matter how many times i had to explain it deep inside me i know whats RIGHT!!
even though i was reised in a wolrd where the must important things are material i do not think does things are important at all ,the only reason they make that important is so u are part of sociaty that way money can still be made n if u happend to belive this things are not important people think YOU ARE CRAZY OR THAT U TALKING CRAZY n you try to expalin to them what really is important in life (according to waht u belive)n they think YOU CRAZY OR THEY THINK U THINK U BETTER THEN THEM ,IS SO HARD TO MAKE THEM SEE THAT REALLY IM NOT TRYING TO BE BETTER THEN ANYONE BUT IM TRYIN TO MAKE EVERYONE BETTER( INCLUDING ME)
i could go for hours talkin about different situations were i was make to belive i was crazy but no matter how many times i heard that from other people i know im right n i know im here for somthing REALLY BIG REALLY IMPORTANT n i know im right…to everybody else follow your instinct must of the time they are right…
i can tell when people lie to me so easily and is funny cuz the more u know they lieing the more they denied it n the more i can tell they lieng i think the reason for me to be able to tell when they lie to me is cuz i always tell the truth ALWAYS truth is the only answer n so since i neva li i can tell when people do i can tell how somebody is as soon as i see them i always could n i thought it was a crazy thoguht but i happend to always be right about my feelings towaards a person as soon as i meet them well anyways MUCH


about 1 year later


over 2 years later


over 3 years later
whitesilverangel saidIndigo/Crystal.
Yes =D
I accept your proposal. In fact, thats why I am here.
May love and light shine upon you all.
And may we join together to make peace on this earth. 🙂


SHARE OUR RAINBOWPosted on Dec 29th, 2005 by ~princess~

For all children grow up

Except one

..i will never ever EVER grow up… so just get over it…  ok…


ok guys its coming i read this first on Kelly’s Blog and now on Thea’s give me a sec (in alphabetical order (yes “~” comes before “A”)








OK…  where are the COLORS……  YES right here where i am writing……

like in yahoo its like this but i can color my letters… this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to BORING FOR ME…..

love yaaaa and don’t forget to shut up and check me out

in chaning the world :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


i LOVE u…. of course i would provide the link…

thats the point….  i already got quotes from brian & obi…..  Zaadz ambasadors are soon to be in the book stores

love u soooooooooooooooooooooo much… no idea…..  so refreshing to feel your energy…..

YES to Anarchy…

YES to Revolution….

YES to speaking on stage

YES to New Government



YES to All who are not passive in making this world a better place

c u soon




u have all those guys you brian matthew… u guyz need a balance… :)))

pls squeez me in next to you…  if only reserved for ZAADZ “personel”…

put me az ZAADZ spokesperson… for REAL…. and then place me next to you on the right – 3rd person… plsssssssssssssssss

and tell matthew i love him and to shut up and not take it personally…






Guirlaine ~ Guirly


Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner

It’s an eternal battle of need versus speed, aggravation versus acceleration. Throughout Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote’s careers in over two dozen Warner Bros. cartoons chronicling the duo’s encounters, their classic chase formula has never lost its tension. The luckless Wile E. comes up with increasingly elaborate and seemingly foolproof schemes to snag Road Runner who, oblivious to the danger, always eludes the pathetic coyote’s painstaking plans. According to Chuck Jones, the duo’s creator and chief director, in Chuck Amuck: The Life and Times Of An Animated Cartoonist, he and the artists behind the Road Runner and Wile E. cartoons adhered to some simple but strict rules:
Rule 1: Road Runner cannot harm the Coyote except by going “Beep! Beep!”

Rule 2: No outside force can harm the Coyote – only his own ineptitude or the failure of Acme products. Wile E.’s ineptitude, possibly a by-product of his distracted obsession with catching Road Runner, is compounded only by the Acme company’s products – which may work for other customers, but seem never to work for Wile E., who repeatedly risks life and limb counting on their effectiveness. In Operation: Rabbit, for example, Wile E. constructs an elaborate Acme-manufactured contraption guaranteed to catch Bugs Bunny. Inevitably, the apparatus fails and Wile E. is defeated once again.

Rule 3: The Coyote could stop anytime – IF he was not a fanatic. (Repeat: “A fanatic is one who

redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim.” – George Santayana) Of course he can’t quit; he’s certain that the next attempt is sure to succeed. He’s the personality type that twelve-step programs are made for. Of course, first you have to want to quit.

Rule 4: No dialogue ever, except “Beep! Beep!” Oh, and the occasional dialog sign that comes in handy just as Wile E. realizes that his efforts are going to bring him nothing but big pain.

Rule 5: Road Runner must stay on the road – for no other reason than that he’s a roadrunner.

Rule 6: All action must be confined to the natural environment of the two characters – the southwest American desert. That’s because there’s everything you need for a funny cartoon in one place: winding roads, peaks, canyons, cacti, and boulders, all of which defy conventional physics. In Chuck Jones’ classic There They Go-Go-Go!, the starving Wile E. resorts to creating a chicken out of the desert mud. When the speedy Road Runner whizzes by, friction causes the road and Wile E.’s feet to catch on fire, sending the coyote into a frantic craze, in which he attempts to capture his prey with a rope, a sling-shot, a rotating circle of spiked balls, a booby-trapped ladder, and a pile of rocks.

Rule 7: All tools, weapons, or mechanical conveniences must be obtained from the Acme Corporation. Talk about the first real example of “branding” in American commerce! Of course, not even an Acme brand Burmese tiger trap, an Acme brand steel wall, or Acme brand muscle-building vitamins can help Wile E. catch-up to the supersonic Road Runner in Stop! Look! Hasten!

Rule 8: Whenever possible, make gravity the Coyote’s greatest enemy. Another Chuck Jones’ classic, Scrambled Aches, has Wile E. watering a rock in order to grow it to boulder-size so he can

crush Road Runner flat in his tracks. In true Wile E. style, the rock expands just as the tottering coyote lifts it over his head, letting gravity take its course. It’s the law, you know.

Rule 9: The Coyote is always more humiliated than harmed by his failures. Easy for you to say.

Rule 10: The audience’s sympathy must remain with the Coyote. From Beep, Beep to Zipping Along to Freeze Frame, and despite his constant failure, fans continue to love Wile E. Coyote and his always one-step-ahead costar, Road Runner.

Catch up with Wile E. and Road Runner at the Looney Library. It’s fun for you and the kids.

See what others are saying about Wile E. and Road Runner right now. Click here to enter our message boards. Did you ever realize that in all the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote cartoons, no outside force harms the Coyote – only his own ineptitude or the failure of Acme products?

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Beep! Beep!”


Jen (Zhang Zi-Yi)

Disney Movie Club












Posted on Dec 1st, 2005 by ~princess~

now every moment is a new moment, thus a new year

i hold the vision to co-create the space where every single person, regardless of the background or differences, can be truly who they r and not be discriminated

a beautiful picture i have in my mind is from the 11th insight of the celestine prophecy where towards the end when the main character reached the temple he saw together in the same room Jewish, Moslems, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, sending love energy towards the same cause.  and thats the vision i hold to be manifested on every corner and every cell on this planet.

~ love ~ love ~ love ~

100% of the royalty goes to ABC for Life, a registered Non-Profit Organization, that supports children’s education in Cape Town, South Africa