Pokemon Go Earth Day Press Release

Have Fun Cleaning The Environment

For Immediate Release Lovelstzy Association

Date April 20th 2019 +41 76 680 6500


  • Lovelstzy Association is partnering with Niantic/The Pokemon Company for Earth Day

  • Players will clean up trash while catching Pokemon as a group

  • Niantic/The Pokemon Company are offering in-game rewards globally for participation.

[Zurich, April 20th, 2019] – Lovelstzy Association is officially partnering with Niantic/The Pokemon Company for their 2nd Annual Earth Day Cleanup Event. Last year was the first event and saw people from around the world cleaning up trash. According to the official Pokemon Go website, there were 68 events, 19 countries who participated, 28 (Non-profit Organization) partners, 4,221 (registered) attendees and 6,631 kg’s of trash Cleaned.

Unfortunately, Switzerland wasn’t part of that list. This year that changes.

Lovelstzy Association is taking the initiative to be the first Swiss Non-Profit to partner with Niantic /The Pokemon Company for this event. Connecting with the various Pokemon Go and Ingress groups in the Zurich area and beyond, Lovelstzy’s mission is to bring the communities together for a higher purpose: to keep our streets and environment clean of trash and litter.

The city trash cleanup system in Zurich is one of the best in the world. Switzerland, in general, is a forerunner in this regard, though there will always be something overlooked, especially in a few lesser maintained areas of Zurich. Regardless this event is meant to be a shift in mindset for current and new generations through the gamification of environmental protection and awareness. This is just one more area that if enough people participate, Switzerland can be a forerunner in as well.

Niantic / The Pokemon Company will be giving different in-game rewards for the event depending on how many people register globally. This is both for the popular Pokemon Go mobile app, as well as Ingress, Niantic’s first successful mobile game. More details can be found on the official blog: https://nianticlabs.com/blog/earthday2019/

Lovelstzy is also pleased to officially announce its newest project “Swiss Integ”. An upcoming educational platform for foreigners, expats, and newcomers to learn the unique local customs of Switzerland. The first video coincides with Earth Day covering the basics of the Trash system in Switzerland, particularly the special bags used for each city/town. See the video at http://swissinteg.ch

Last Monday a kind donation was received from Mr. Jovan Drapsin to buy bio-degradable bags for all volunteers to use during the walk. Today we received another donation in the form of an official sponsorship from the Stäfa Gemeinde with two sets of the special city bags for the proper disposal of the trash after Lovelstzy Team sorts everything that was accumulated during the event.

With warm weather forecasted for the next week, this looks to be a good time to get outside and do something positive for the environment. But what about food and restroom? With Monday being a holiday, most shops will be closed, so where will our volunteers go to be refreshed? Hiltl Vegetarian Restuarant is to the Rescue! Hiltl has partnered with us for this event with all volunteers between 3 pm and 6 pm receiving a 20% discount on food and beverage at the Hiltl Langstrasse, where part of the cleanup will take place.

The event is scheduled for Earth Day, Monday, April 22nd at 3 pm.

Other Information on the meeting point and location can be found at the registration link below. Participation will only count towards in-game rewards by personally registering and then signing up for the event on the official Niantic website:


This Press Release was written by Nicolas Radcliffe, the co-founder of Lovelstzy Association and author of The Future of Charity: The Pokemon Generation book.




Nicolas Radcliffe is a Published Author, Music Composer, and Co-Founder of LoveLsTzy® Association, a non- profit organization based on Lake Zurich (Stäfa) in Switzerland. As one of the worlds leading experts on innovating the non-profit sector, his passion is to solve global problems using gamified technology and community-based activities. He outlines this in his book “The Future of Charity – The Pokémon Generation”

Nicolas Radcliffe